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  • JING CHENG has been approved by「Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs」

    Jingcheng Koizumi Precision Machinery invested 100 million yuan to build new equipment and smart production lines at the Yongkang Plant in Tainan City to increase the output of turbine-powered engine components for commercial airliners and create 50 job opportunities.

    Published on 27 Apr 2020
  • The principle and history of milling machine processing, it turned out to be such a thing

    Milling machine processing is a machine tool mainly used for metal cutting. It was invented in 1818 by a number of American mechanical engineers including Eric Whitney. Milling machine processing is the same as CNC lathe. Milling machine processing also drives the milling machine through digital signals for processing. Milling machine processing uses the workpiece to move in the XY plane and the Z axis as the tool spindle to rotate, and milling is performed from top to bottom.

    Published on 09 Jul 2019
  • How important is milling? All metal processing cannot be separated from it

    A large number of metal products are widely needed, and milling machine processing has become the key to production. Later, after the development of steam engines, the application of belts, and gears, the full gear high-speed lathe has evolved and completed. The earliest milling machine processing was invented by Whitney, USA in 1818, and the first universal milling machine appeared in 1862. After that, milling machine processing technologies such as gantry milling machines and semi-automatic milling machines were successively developed.

    Published on 09 Jul 2019
  • About milling machine processing technology, metal processing industry will introduce you

    The method of using milling machine processing equipment to process various workpieces. The main processing methods of milling machine processing include turning, drilling, boring, milling, planing, honing, super finishing and polishing. The machining accuracy and surface roughness of the milling machine can be processed in a wide range, and higher machining accuracy and very low surface roughness can be obtained. These are the advantages of machining, the fastening part of the cutter body of the milling machine; The surface facing the direction of the cutting speed.

    Published on 09 Jul 2019
  • The drilling technology of the metal processing plant, exclusively teach you relevant knowledge

    Drilling in a metal processing plant is the first process of processing holes in solid materials, and the diameter of the hole is generally less than 80mm. The metal processing factory uses a reaming drill to further process the holes that have been drilled, cast or forged to enlarge the aperture and improve the processing quality of the hole. The reaming process can be used as the pre-processing before finishing the hole. , Reaming drill is similar to twist drill, but with more teeth and no chisel edge.

    Published on 09 Jul 2019
  • For water pollution caused by lathe processing plants, some companies have introduced the latest technology wastewater treatment

    In recent years, due to economic development, more and more manufacturers pay attention to environmental protection. In order to solve the environmental chaos caused by industrial waste water from lathe processing plants and metal processing plants in Taiwan, some metal processing plants have introduced the use of high-efficiency scrolls. The waste water treatment machine of the heat pump compressor does not need to use chemicals. Through the new technology of vacuum evaporation and condensation, the waste water can be reduced to 1/20 of the original volume, and the rest of the recovered water

    Published on 09 Jul 2019
  • Taiwan and Turkey signed a trade agreement, hoping to bring more economic benefits from the metal processing plant

    The municipal government led manufacturers to explore foreign markets. Yesterday, the Industrial Association signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Taiwan branch of the Turkish Federation of Foreign Relations. The general manager of the metal processing plant that produces automatic doors is the deputy head of the sales group. He said that Turkey has young And the vibrant demographic dividend encourages Taiwanese businessmen to make arrangements. The manager of the lathe processing plant said that after negotiating with the largest local fan company, both parties are willing to cooperate.

    Published on 09 Jul 2019
  • The government strives to integrate the lathe processing plant with high-tech technology, hoping that Kaohsiung will become Taiw

    Kaohsiung, which has an international airport and an international port, has a large area and low land prices, and has ready-made industrial settlements: North Kaohsiung's metal fasteners, optoelectronic semiconductors, aerospace, biotechnology and medical equipment; Middle Kaohsiung has metal molds and processing , Home appliances, automobile and motorcycle industries, metal processing plants, lathe processing plants, chemical materials; South Kaohsiung has iron and steel, petrochemicals, and the cultural and creative digital content of Pier Two.

    Published on 09 Jul 2019
  • While metal processing factories develop Industry 4.0, they must also comply with the three major environmental protection regul

    However, Kaohsiung, which has actively developed metal processing plants and heavy industries from the past to the present, has also brought many large and small pollutions to Kaohsiung. Therefore, the total air pollutant control plan in the Gaoping area clearly stipulates that the future industrial development of the Gaoping area must comply with Low pollution, high value and environmental protection are the three major elements. Many metal processing plant manufacturers hope to transform into Industry 4.0 or smart R&D and manufacturing. These manufacturers have an urgent need to upgrade thei

    Published on 09 Jul 2019
  • Metal processing evolved from refined ore. If you don’t know, fast forward to see the introduction of metal processing plants

    Calendering is the most commonly used method in metal processing plants. In metal processing plants, it refers to the process of shaping metal ingots through a pair of rollers. If the temperature of the metal exceeds its recrystallization temperature after rolling, the process is called "hot rolling", otherwise it is called "cold rolling". Although modern metal processing processes are diverse and professional, they can be classified as forming, cutting or joining processing.

    Published on 09 Jul 2019
  • Regarding the casting process of metal processing plants, this article will take you to

    The molds in metal processing plants are usually made of higher-strength alloys. This process is somewhat similar to injection molding. Sand mold casting is to use sand to make molds. Sand mold casting needs to put a finished part model or a wooden model (pattern) in the sand, and then fill it with sand at the weekend of the pattern. After the pattern is taken out of the box, the sand forms a mold. Investment casting, also known as milling machine processing, includes processes such as pressing wax, repairing wax, assembling trees, dipping slurry, melting wax, casting molten metal, and

    Published on 09 Jul 2019

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