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For water pollution caused by lathe processing plants, some companies have introduced the latest technology wastewater treatment


In order to solve the environmental chaos caused by industrial waste water from lathe processing plants and metal processing plants in Taiwan, some metal processing plants have introduced and announced waste water treatment machines using high-efficiency scroll-type heat pump compressors, which do not use chemicals and are condensed by vacuum evaporation. The new technology can reduce the waste water to 1/20 of the original volume, and the rest of the recovered water can be recycled.

In recent years, due to economic development, more and more manufacturers pay attention to environmental protection, especially the serious pollution caused by industry. In the case of wastewater, most of Taiwan’s rivers have been heavily polluted by heavy industries in order to achieve zero emissions and zero pollution. Therefore, some metal processing factories have introduced wastewater treatment machines to reduce the amount of wastewater to 1/20 of the original. The remaining water can also be recycled, which not only reduces pollution, but also reduces corporate costs.

The industrial waste water treatment machine is a revolutionary innovation. It replaces the traditional combustion method and has no doubts about air pollution discharge. It uses vacuum evaporation and condensation technology to let the waste water in a vacuum distillation barrel at 40°C~60°C When it reaches a low-temperature boiling point, the water vapor is converted into water through the cooling device. After 20 barrels of waste water is treated, only 1 barrel remains, and the remaining 19 barrels of water can be recycled and reused.

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