History-Lathe and milling machine processing-JING CHENG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD



  • 1990.07

    Establish JING CHENG Cooperation
  • 1995.03

    Introduce computer lathe machine tool
  • 1998.06

    Break into precise tool machining of major parts
  • 2003.05

    Upgrade to JING CHENG Industrial Co., Ltd
  • 2005.01

    Break into automotive industry of engine parts
  • 2008.03

    Introduce computer milling machine
  • 2011.07

    Introduce computer milling machine
  • 2013.04

    New factory set up 2100mm2
  • 2013.08

    Introduce computer vertical lathe machine and computer vertical grinding
  • 2013.09

    Break into aerospace industry of engine parts
  • 2014.05

    Achieve certification of AS/EN/JIS Q-9100
  • 2014.08

    Break into semiconductor industry of major parts. Introduce HEXAGON 3D CMM
  • 2016.01

    Second factory set up 1800m2
  • 2016.03

    Break into robot industry. Introduce Five Faces Machining Center
  • 2017.01

    Break into vacuum chamber industry
  • 2018.06

    Third factory set up 1200m2
  • 2018.08

    KOIZUMI Co., Ltd becomes a shareholder
  • 2019.01

    Introduce 2 DMG Five Axis Machining Center

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