JING CHENG has been approved by「Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs」-Metal processing plant-Lathe and milling machine processing-JING CHENG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD


JING CHENG has been approved by「Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs」

Invested in Taiwan office today (24), adding 7 small and medium enterprises to expand investment of 2.3 billion yuan, including Taili Enterprise, Songzan Industrial, Jingcheng Koizumi Precision Machinery, Ruyang Technology, Chenglun Enterprise, Taiwan Zhongxin and Zuozhen Company . The "Small and Medium Enterprises Accelerated Investment Action Plan" has held 37 joint reviews and passed 213 SMEs to invest about 91.1 billion yuan, bringing 8,792 domestic employment opportunities. The total investment in the three major projects in Taiwan has spurred 454 companies to invest about 969.8 billion yuan, which is estimated to create 80,120 domestic employment opportunities. There are still 62 companies waiting in line for review.

Taili Enterprise focuses on the production of copper, iron and stainless steel powder metallurgy parts. The world's top five sewing machine brands such as Japan Chelemei, Japan Brothers, and Japan JUKI Co., Ltd. are all long-term partners. Based on customers' continuous product requirements, and the original production bases are located in the two factories in Taichung, the factories are located in different regions and the production lines are not smooth. Therefore, it is expected to spend nearly 200 million yuan to build a new factory in Caotun, Nantou, and integrate the old production lines. Upgrade smart and high-performance production equipment to improve precision process technology and quality, consolidate key technologies and experience accumulated over the past 40 years, and maintain industry competitiveness. It is expected to increase 7 job opportunities in China.

Songzan Industry specializes in CNC precision component processing and surface treatment. Its export markets are mainly in the United States, Germany, and Canada. Its products include automobile, motorcycle, and medical parts, including the processing of automotive shock absorbers in cooperation with FOX The technical performance is the most impressive, and it is also one of the few parts suppliers for BMW heavy-duty locomotives in Taiwan. In order to stabilize the existing customer base and actively expand the Asian market, it will spend more than 300 million yuan to expand a new factory in Changhua Quanxing Industrial Park, and build a new smart machinery production line in Fengyuan factory to achieve fast delivery with an intelligent automated production system The purpose is to enhance the company's strength and maintain a key position in the industry chain, which will create 37 job opportunities in China.

Jing Cheng Koizumi Seiki is committed to precision automated machining. Its initial products are mostly used in the semiconductor industry, automated robots and automobile industry. In recent years, its tentacles have been extended to my country’s key development industries in the aerospace field. It has a number of core technologies that enable the company to grow to aerospace Tier 2 level of industrial supply chain. This time, by investing in the new equipment and smart production line of the Yongkang plant in Tainan, the output of turbine-powered engine components for commercial airliners will be increased, with the expectation that the products can be assembled in important international commercial airliners such as Airbus in France, Boeing in the United States and Rolls-Royce in the United Kingdom To promote the company’s industrial chain position to Tier 1, and promote the international visibility and visibility of my country’s aviation manufacturing industry. The investment scale exceeds 100 million yuan, which can create 50 job opportunities in China.

Ruyang Technology is a professional geared motor manufacturer whose products are used in transportation, energy, medical and other important fields. It is a designated manufacturer of OEM and ODM for many well-known domestic and foreign companies. In recent years, it has cooperated with national universities in industry and academia to develop reducers for robots. It is the power source of commonly used robotic arms in the domestic and foreign industries. Due to the current surge in demand for automation equipment and the overload of production capacity, it is expected to spend more than 500 million yuan to hire 35 more domestic talents to set up a new factory in the Changhua Zhongke Erlin Park to integrate R&D, marketing, and manufacturing. Its own brand is marketed globally, and it breaks away from the role of foundry to attack AI business opportunities.

Chenglun Enterprise has a rich background in molds. In the field of plastic injection molding processing, it is good at combining the basis of mold design and innovation in plastic applications. Its products include solar assembly plastic accessories, air conditioning equipment, auto parts, and food containers. Starbucks, USA Both TOYOTA and TOYOTA are important customers. In order to develop high value-added products, it is expected to build a factory in Yongkang District, Tainan City, and at the same time introduce smart automated production equipment. From R&D and design to manufacturing, the vertical operation and production cater to the diverse needs of the market. The investment scale is 400 million yuan, while creating 71 domestic employment opportunities.

Taiwan Zhongxin Enterprise Co., Ltd. uses the biomass material "sugar cane" as the base material to produce completely recyclable products. The products include placemats, floor mats, carpets, curtains, which are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and the mainland. It is a supplier of internationally renowned large distributors. The investment of nearly 400 million yuan this time to expand the Hsinchu factory, introduce smart equipment, gradually expand the scale of production, improve the management system, break through the manufacturing model, and manufacture energy-saving products for consumers, which will create 68 domestic job opportunities.

Zuozhen is a leading manufacturer of smart glasses and AIoT sensing module products. It is good at miniaturized package SiP and low-power module design and manufacturing, and has the capability of highly integrated and miniaturized system module (SoM). In addition, the company has established operating locations in the UK, Japan and Mainland China, and its products are widely used in various electronic devices. Since we have mastered the key technologies and core advantages required for the development of AR smart glasses, we plan to invest in the development of two new products in recent years. One is to increase the production line of medical/industrial AR smart glasses, mainly for the production of digital medical devices and other products. The second is to invest in the AIoT module production line, which can produce industrial control grade WiFi/BLE SiP modules and high-end millimeter wave radar sensing modules. The new production line will be set up at the original Xizhi factory in New Taipei City, with an overall investment of more than 300 million yuan. It is expected to recruit 35 high-level domestic talents.

Spokesperson of Investment Taiwan Office: He Kunsong Chief Operating Officer
Contact number: 02-2311-2031 extension: 808
Mobile phone: 0966-533-987
Email: ksho@moea.gov.tw

Source: Investment Business Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs

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