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The principle and history of milling machine processing, it turned out to be such a thing


Milling machine processing is a machine tool mainly used for metal cutting. It was invented in 1818 by a number of American mechanical engineers including Eric Whitney. This method of machining the surface of a workpiece with a milling cutter as a tool is called milling. The milling machine is used to cut the plane, or use a special-shaped milling cutter to mill out the formed surface, spiral groove or gear tooth profile.

Milling machine processing is the same as CNC lathe. Milling machine processing also drives the milling machine through digital signals for processing. Milling machine processing uses the workpiece to move in the XY plane and the Z axis as the tool spindle to rotate. Milling is performed from top to bottom. Through the rotation of the milling cutter with several cutting edges, And moving the work to the cutting machine is a very economical way for small or mass production.

Milling machines can be used to process fixed workpieces. Rotating tools generally make 3D or 2D workpieces, which can accurately mill the workpiece in various shapes such as plane, surface, groove, and gear. The advantage of milling is that its circular milling cutter has a high metal removal rate and is also a more economical way. It can cut in a very short time. Due to the different shapes of milling cutters and mechanical application methods, the milling machine can do various milling tasks.

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