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Business philosophy

The company philosophy: Efficiency, Quality, Service, Responsibility.
  JING CHENG Industrial Co., Ltd. Was established in 1990. Located in Taiwan-Tainan.
  Main business is metal processing, metal parts of OEM/ODM.
  Main processing industry: Aerospace, Semiconductor optoelectronics, Robotics equipment, Automobile.
  ISO9100 international quality certification.
  AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management System.
  Advanced high-precision processing equipment, professional technical personnel, and strictly management of the quality. The implementation of effective into the inventory management. To meet international quality standards and customer quality requirements, provide custom design services, refining of professional processing.

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High-quality and high-yield metal processing plant. Good partner for product development. Customized product development. Fast delivery, quality assurance, considerate and professional services from CNC lathe processing plants, and OEM of metal precision parts welcome inquiries. Metal processing plants provide professional lathe processing, milling machine processing, precision parts casting and forging, metal processing plants research and development, quality inspection preferred equipment, to tailor customized products for customers. Years of experience in punch processing.